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Many gospel artistes have successfully pursed a career in secular music while maintaining their commitment to the tenets of Christianity. One of them is Baron ‘Breezy’ McKenley.

For over 30 years, Breezy McKenley has practiced the humility Christ espoused with uplifting music that has produced countless songs and thirteen albums. His latest studio effort, “Gospel Rendition of Fats Domino”, continues that trend.

On it, McKenley stays true to his gospel roots while paying homage to an artiste who has had a profound influence on his career --- American rock and roll legend Antoine ‘Fats Domino’ Dominque.

The 10-track set hears McKenley putting a gospel spin on some of Domino’s biggest hits including “Blueberry Hill” (renamed “I Found My Lord on Calvary Hill”) and “Oh What a Price” which were originally recorded during Domino’s heyday of the 1950s. This is the second tribute album to Domino by McKenley. The first was “Tribute to Fats Domino” which was released in 2006.

McKenley has recorded a spate of similar songs to notable figures over the years, which has earned him the title of ‘The Tribute Man’. United States president, Barack Obama, former heavyweight boxing champion Lennox Lewis, and talk show host Oprah Winfrey are just some of the famous persons he has praised in song.

But while McKenley has done many secular songs, he has never strayed from the gospel music he was weaned on. Born in St. Ann parish in north Jamaica, Baron McKenley immigrated to the north London community of Stoke-Newington when he was only nine years old.

He was raised a Seventh Day Adventist, but he also had a deep love for the music of artistes like American soul singer Otis Redding. It was while visiting a friend in London one evening that he heard the Domino standard, “Hello Josephine”, that he decided to become a recording artiste.

“I knew then and there that that song would set me off,” he said. It certainly did, as a cover of “Hello Josephine” was his first recording. Jamaican Locksley Reid for Trojan Records produced it. Reid also produced Breezy’s second song, “Grace Of Our World” which was released by Tabernacle Records.

Listen to a medley of Breezy Mckenley songs here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTG8uezmK54
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