Bragga Dat Returns After Being Banned From Jamaican Radio‏

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Between the end of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009 the airwaves in Jamaica was filled with daggering songs. RDX, Spice, Aidonia and the man they crowned as the daggering king, Bragga Dat, all had tracks in heavy rotation on radio and in the streets. In a matter of weeks, the then daggering craze seeped out of Jamaica and began dominated radio and dances overseas.

Jamaica’s government felt that daggering was taking on a life of its own and more importantly was all about degrading women. As such, they pronounced that all daggering music should be banned from commercial radio across the island. The main song targeted was, “dagga dat” by recording artist, Bragga Dat.

Bragga Dat has since stepped out of the spotlight. As he puts it, the banning of his biggest song to date, dramatically slowed down his career and impacted him emotionally. He is of the belief that he was made the poster boy for “daggering” because his song was called “dagger dat” and he resides in the garrison area of Arnett Gardens. Additionally, Bragga confesses that he was ignorant to the business of music and had no one to advice him while all this was happening.

Fast forward three years later and Bragga Dat is singing a new tune, literally and figuratively. He says his daggering days are behind him and he is now squarely focused on “quen”, which is a new slang he intends to send out into the world. Bragga Dat has spent the last couple of years studying the business side of the industry and affirms that he is now ready to take on any challenges that he will encounter as an artist.

Fans and supporters can look forward to the release of his latest single, entitled “real quen” which was produced by Notnice. Bragga also released a Christmas song called “quen dem Christmas”, which persons can listen to by clicking on the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8Pt4si6CSI
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