Courtney Mellers Set to Release Follow Up Single to "Sweet Jamaica"‏

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Anthem Reggae Band leader Courtney Mellers has been working very hard to carve niche for himself on the US reggae scene for some time now.

The smooth voice singer’s recently released single titled Sweet Jamaica is currently sitting in the number four position on New York based Mature Radio.net top ten charts. Prior to this Sweet Jamaica spent two weeks in the number one position on the chart.

Mellers is looking forward to capitalize on the success of the song in the New York Tri-State area where the song continues to enjoying strong rotation.

“Since the release of Sweet Jamaica a lot of positive things have been happening with my career. We have been doing lots of shows and I have been getting a lot of offers to record for various producers. All of this is very good for my career and I am making full use of all the opportunities that come my way to further establish my career,” said the artist.

Courtney Mellers is currently getting ready to release a follow up single to Sweet Jamaica, titled Jah Is Always There. The song was recorded at his Coozie Mell studio and Nothing But Hot Productions studio in Bridgeport, Connecticut and will be released on Itunes before the end of the month.

“Right now I am preparing to release new song called Jah Is Always there. It’s a really great song, all the music on it is live, the rhythm was played by Anthem, its a just wicked roots reggae track, I can tell people all over the world is going to love it.”
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