Lieutenant Brooksie Looks Forward to Sting Performance‏

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Sounie Production recording artist Lieutenant Brooksie is looking forward to his upcoming appearance on the annual Boxing Day, Sting concert. Although it will be his first time on the big Sting stage, Lieutenant Brooksie is extremely confident that he will make a good impression on the Sting crowd, which is notoriously hard to please.

“I am very happy to be on the sting line-up this year, it’s a great opportunity for me. I know the Sting crowd is not an easy one, but I am not worried. I plan to deliver a very good performance for the people and I know they will appreciate it,” said the artist.

The Spanish town native is looking to end 2011 on high note with his performance at Sting as he looks forwards to tours of the UK and Europe in 2012.

“Sting is the only show that I will be doing locally for this holiday season and I really want to shine at Sting. After that I will be heading to the UK and Europe early next year.

Lieutenant Brooksie is currently enjoying good rotation on FM radio both locally and abroad with his radio hit Persistence.
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