Rippa Jackson Pleased With Response to "Help Someone"‏

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Fast rising reggae singer Rippa Jackson is feeling very happy about the response his latest single, Help Someone has received since its release.

It is currently one of the most played songs on local radio stations including IRIE FM and HITZ 92 FM. “I am very pleased with the response my song is getting in Jamaica and in the states. Everywhere I perform I am getting good responses for Help Someone.”

The popularity of Help Someone is rapidly growing and the people of Gregory Park in Portmore are very pleased that a member of their community is making such great strides in the music industry.

Just a few days ago a group of youths from Dennis Avenue, the area where Rippa is from, painted a huge mural of the artist in the area to show their respect and appreciation for him.

“Everyone who knows me is excited about what’s happening with my song especially in my community in Gregory Park. Some youths in the area just painted a big picture of me on a wall in my community to show their love for me and my music, everyone there loves me because they know I am a good youth and I love and respect them a lot too. I really appreciate their support it makes me feel very humble,” said Rippa Jackson.

Rippa also said that he is currently recording a number of new songs as he does not plan to easy up his march to success in the music biz anytime soon.

“Right now I am busy in the studios recording a barrage of new songs in order to build on what is happening for me right now. I don’t plan to ease up, I am climbing all the way to the top of the music industry.”
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