BridgeZ Leaves Bounty Killer's New Camp A.N.G

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Rodney Price aka Bounty Killer made an annoucement late this afternoon via twitter which his protege BridgeZ supported via her twitter page that she will be leaving the Alliance Next Generation Camp (A.N.G).

The broadcast message stated that she will be parting ways with Bounty Killer's new camp A.N.G which hold's some of the best upcoming, and freshly established talents in the Industry.

Not to fret, though rumors are vastly spreading across social networks and media outlets on the internet that Bridgez has left the the Star Making Camp, Bridgez has not left the Alliance completely.

Bridgez states "My team and I made a mutual business decision that I was being branded too much; this is just the beginning of one of the steps I'll be taking in my career this year. I am still A.F.L... Alliance First Lady but I've always been more about making an impact than running with titles and Alliance is known for showcasing males more than females so my team and I are focused on making the name "Bridgez" a household name without having too many different brands following."

She ensures to both her fans, and Alliance supporters that their is no bad vibes between the Alliance and herself.

The First Lady and Rodney "Bounty Killer" Price came to a mutual decision today to seperate her name from "A.N.G" based on many reasonings with her team on a whole. Bridgez and the rest of her team came to the conclusion and think that this is just one of the best decisions Bridgez has made in taking her career to the next level.

Further more at 6pm EST Bounty Killer himself sent out a broadcast to his Blackberry contacts, and sent a twitter message confirming the mutual agreement between the two.

"The further announcement is that Lady Alliance aka BridgeZ is still apart of the Alliance, instead of ANG. Reason being she is more of a individual/unique artiste to me than the other A.N.G artistes who can easily group and blend in like a medley thing. She needs her own platform to present herself, I think we both decided on that. So no confusion or negatives the camp A.F.L/A.N.G"
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