Cherine Non-Stop for 2012

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Singer-actress to launch captivating video for "How We Living"

Dancehall Soul star Cherine is starting 2012 with a big bang. She will be blazing the trail, hitting the airwaves with a number of upcoming singles and performing for her fans at some of the biggest festivals this year.

Cherine says that she has put in a lot of work over the past year and is ready to release these exciting projects to the local and international audience.

First on the list is "How We Living", a single that was recently released and is already creating a buzz with the fans. The track was produced by Gussie Clark and Cherine and is one of the featured tracks on her latest mixtape JA9.25.

How We Living? is the question asked by Cherine, opening our eyes to some of the realities faced by many while at the same time urging listeners to "take responsibility" to overcome the struggles amidst harsh realities. This heartfelt song was cleverly penned by Cherine with assistance from Chevaughn; with each lyric commanding, inspiring and uplifting. Her mellow and soulful voice does even further justice as "How We Living" takes you where street meets sweet.

It is therefore not a surprise that fans are eagerly anticipating the debut of the video for "How We Living". With a creative and captivating outline, Cherine conceptualized and directed the video which runs more like a mini-movie. The video is compelling, a must see and will capture both hearts and minds as much as the song does. Cherine, who played many roles in the video proves that she is also an excellent actress and cemented why she is indeed a triple threat in the entertainment industry. Although the video features the struggles of a young lady, her male audience are not be left out as the video creatively captures the message of the song with issues that are real and affects both men and women.

Cherine is looking forward to a great year and will kick start her calendar of activities with a media launch this week Thursday January 12th to premiere the video for "How We Living" and officially introduce her band Rockfort Rebels, who will also be performing at the event.

The international sensation is then set to hit the big stage later in January with the legendary rhythm twin Sly & Robbie at the Raggamuffin Festival in New Zealand.
Meanwhile, fans can look out for the next single Eagles and Doves, download the free mixtape JA9.25 at www.cherineanderson.com/mixtape and check www.cherineanderson.com for tour and show dates.
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