Don Sniper & Lucci Gabana Scores With "Get The Money‏"

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Fast rising dancehall artist Don Sniper is on the verge of a serious musical breakthrough. His latest single titled Get the Money is currently blowing up FM radio and is quickly becoming a favorite in the clubs and the dancehall as well.

“I don’t know what it is but people just love this tune all over, right now it’s getting crazy airplay and I am very thankful to all the DJs who are spinning it. It’s not the first time I have a song that’s getting a lot of attention but there’s something different about this song, I can tell it’s going to be very big,” said the artist.

The track which also features Canadian rapper Lucci Gabana is the first song to be released off Don Sniper’s debut album which is scheduled to be released this summer by S-Q Records.

The label is currently preparing to shoot a music video in support of the single; parts of the video will be filmed in Canada and Jamaica. The album will also feature a number of collaborations with several popular dancehall and hip hop artists.
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