Jimbolee Is Number One In New York‏

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Jlee Productions recording artist Jimbolee is all smiles these days. The talented Ochi Rios based singer/producer is currently in the number one position on New City’s Mature Radio.net’s Top Ten Chart with his single titled I Wish.

“I feel very good about how things are going with my career, at this time things are looking very good for me. My song called I Wish is number one on Mature Radio.Net in New York; it’s been there for 11 weeks now. This is bringing me a lot of attention and I feel very encouraged by all that’s happening, so right now I am working very hard to achieve even greater success.”

Since he began his career in the late 90s Jimbolee has been a constant hit maker, he scored several chart toppers on the island of Curacao where he resided for over a decade, before moving back to Jamaica in 2009. The multilingual singer said he is looking to duplicate the success he enjoyed in the Dutch Antilles island and he knows it’s just a matter of time before he achieves his goal.

“When I lived in Curacao I always have a lot of hits over there and that’s the same thing I want to do now. I have been recording a lot of good songs and my team is working hard to promote my music and so far we have been getting very good results. A number of my songs are getting good airplay locally and overseas too and I have been getting a lot of calls for shows,” said Jimbolee.

Jimbolee is slated to perform on events in England during the month of March, the following month he will travel to the mother land to perform on a show in Zimbabwe on the 12th of April.

He is currently getting ready to drop a brand new single called Never Give Up; this song was recorded on his latest rhythm project called the Good Morning rhythm.
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