Kurtisi Gets Attention With Party Song‏

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For the past ten years UK based dancehall artist Kurtisi has travelled home to Jamaica frequently to record songs at various studios in Kingston, as he works towards establishing himself as a serious contender in the dancehall arena.

Over the years he has made inroads on the British dancehall underground with songs such as Bloody War and Inna Mi Jeans.

Now ready to take his career to new heights Kurtisi has decided to pay more attention the local market. “I have been working on my career for a while now, but I have been mainly promoting myself in the UK, since last year I have decided to broaden my focus and concentrate on the Jamaican market as well.

In order to do this I hired Ralston Barrett who is one of the best publicists in Jamaica, since then I have been making a lot of progress locally,” said the artist.
Kurtisi is currently promoting his latest single titled We Party which was done on the We Party rhythm which was created by Cash Flow X of Cash Flow Records. The song was recorded and mixed at the Westside Recording Studio in Negril during a visit to the island late last year. We Party is now available on Itunes and all other leading online music stores.

So far We Party has been getting strong rotation on local radio stations including IRIE FM, HITZ 92 FM and LINKZ 96 FM. “Right now I am getting a lot of love with my new tune called We Party, I did this song a few months ago while I was in Jamaica at Mr. Barrett’s studio in Negril. It has been getting a lot of airplay in the Uk and Jamaica, it’s also getting a lot of club play all over London. We plan to do a video for it the next time I come to Jamaica.”
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