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Every New Year brings new expectations. Many of us make resolutions, which we may not keep, but the creators of Magnum Kings and Queens have resolved to make this year the best season yet. The competition gets underway with the first live show on Saturday January 21st.

They couldn’t have said it will be the best season ever if, however, there weren’t some exciting changes., The first change is that the event will now be hosted at a bigger better venue: 76 Constant Spring Road, right beside the original venue (Weekenz). So, they’re not making it too hard for you to find them again.

And knowing how much we love the interaction in the “Digicel Endz”, they switched up things a bit with a new host, Donald “Iceman” Anderson, so we can expect to see bigger and better things happening pon di endz .

Although change is good, sometimes consistency is key, so the beautiful, curvaceous diva Yanique will grace the stage and our television screens again as the vibrant host of the competition. And fluffy diva Miss Kitty, Skatta Burrell and Professor Nuts, the resident judges, will once again be the ones to assess the performances of the dancehall hopefuls for another season; while a guest judge will be introduced each week.

With auditions now complete, the three resident judges have deliberated and chosen the 24 finalists – 12 princes and 12 princesses who will make it to the Live Magnum stage.

2012 Magnum Dancehall Princes

· Deh Deh

· Deep Jahi

· Rage

· Big Pop

· Brain

· Sem J

· Kkrytical

· Memzey

· Tommy Ice

· Allaboma

· Governor

· Rennick

2012 Magnum Dancehall Princesses

· Mys I

· Taliban

· Mermaid

· Sasique

· Kayla Di Diva

· Betty B

· Catty

· Little Miss

· Firmm

· Too Qute

· Lushus

· Teaka

Meet the first 12 finalists this Saturday night as the 6 Princes and 6 Princesses from Castle Red touch the Magnum live stage. If you are not able to make it to the live performances on Constant Spring Road, or you just prefer to see it in the comfort of your home, then tune in to TVJ at 9:30pm on Saturdays to ensure you don’t miss this exciting 5th season of the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall.
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