Nadine Queen Someone Like you (Adele Reggae Cover)

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“You were born to sing” is what Nadine Queen was told by her mom when she was just at the tender age of seven... As a singer/songwriter, she is the kind of person who knows how to span the many genres of music. She wraps it all up in one package including Reggae, R&B, Soul, Soca and much more. From the beautiful Island of Jamaica, Nadine has stayed true to her dreams, singing and performing for most of her life. Nadine has got flare, style and charisma and knows how to please an audience.

As a singer Nadine has performed with the likes of Jamaican singer Richie Stephens...she has also (shared) the stage with most of the "Reggae greats" such as Luciano,Marcia Griffiths, Pappa San, Junior Murvin, Mr.Vegas, Buchaneer, Bounty Killa, Lady Saw, Frankie Paul,Professor Nuts, King Yellow Man, Doc aka "Medical," Sasha,John Holt, Ken Boothe, Gregory Issacs, Josie Whales, Elephant Man, DJ Assassin, George Knooks, Tony Rebel...just to name a few...her career comes with experience and talent as she portrays it in her performances whenever she sings.

Nadine Queen as she is popularly known comes with a whole lot a flavor in the three "L"s...Love, Life n Laughter. As a singer/songwriter/performer, she is the real deal as she projects only positive energy on an audience and also to the people around her. Do not be fooled by her small stature, her vocal capacity will exceed your expectations, and will demand your attention.
For the past few years, she has been a part of the "Reggae Plus" and "Random Test" Reggae Band where as a member, she has brings her style and flare, wit and charm and of course her natural talent.
The Random Test & Reggae Plus band are popularly known on the Shores for Reggae but are also loved by fans of many different ethnicity because of their incorporation of all genres of music. Being a member of the band Nadine has given to her audience her love n energy along with her true talent which is portrayed and recorded in her songs.

"The little Lady with the big voice" as some call her, has got a true talent and she will be giving you great music with a lot of love and energy. Nadine is never condescending but always motivating and giving her best at any given time. Her voice says it all. She is a force to be reckoned with...

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