New Album From Veteran Reggae Act Midnite, Titled 'In Awe'

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The new album from veteran reggae act Midnite, titled In Awe, is scheduled for release on January 24, 2012 through the VP Associated Labels Group (VPAL). Armed with a firm foundation in Jah Rastafari and an uncompromising musical vision, Midnite champions a cutting-edge sound of modern roots music.

The newly recorded studio album features ten tracks with Vaughn Benjamin on lead vocals and his brother Ron Benjamin contributing bass and production. They have guided their sound and career as this distinctive unit since 1997. Midnite's live performances, which often exceed three hours, have won them a legion of fans among the reggae community.

Combining the best of classic production with timely rhythms, blazing horns and pristine instrumentation, John Juaquin Wilson is proud to bring forth this release to the reggae massive. As the fifth Midnite release on Fifth Son Records, this independent label looks forward to reaching more roots reggae fans than ever. "Having VP distribute this album is a pivotal step in exposing as many listeners to this critical music as possible," says Juaquin Wilson from his studio in Taos, New Mexico. "We (Midnite and Fifth Son) are excited to work with VP. This record (In Awe) stands as a testament to the power of roots music and the foundation of Jah," he adds.

With In Awe, Vaughn Benjamin and Fifth Son Records team up with VP Records' global distribution network. The pairing will continue the progress of the 2011 release Treasure which platformed the group's music and their indie label counterparts on a new level through the VP Associated Labels Group (VPAL) distribution network. This arrangement includes worldwide digital and physical distribution for the group as well as marketing services through VP's label services.

"This new album is yet another authentic piece which captures the melodic sound of true roots music at its best and with Midnite’s management and Vaughn’s support we will continue to offer Midnite’s music to a wider audience worldwide,” notes VPAL's Director, Donovan Williams.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Jan 26th San Diego, CA - World Beat Center
Jan 27th Hollywood, CA - The Key Club
Jan 28th Santa Ana, CA - The Galaxy Theater

Visit website to listen to songs from new album and for most up-to-date tour schedule: www.midniteband.com
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