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When singer Kereen Gregory, aka KG, entered the JCDC Gospel Song Contest in 2008, she was defined as a great singer with lots of potential. Her lyrical path was the safe religious homilies that could light a spark and leave Christians with that good feeling.

However, four years later, Kereen Gregory is not merely setting off sparks, she is creating fires and firestorms of criticism as she explores her musical horizons in her quest to win souls for Christ. Her lyrical content has moved from safe to edgy -- some would perhaps say 'too edgy -- and KG has stepped out as a dancehall deejay, while keeping true to her God-centric focus.

In 2011, Kereen teamed up with controversial and successful gospel artiste, Prodigal Son and embraced the challenge to boldly step out into the world as a testimony to her faith. KG entered Prodigal's Radikal Yawd outfit and was re-baptised. She emerged from the studio sounding like a seasoned deejay, throwing down lyrics that were sure to make both Christendom and the world stop and listen.

One of her singles on the Radikal Yawd imprint is called Who Me You Mad and is chockful of sexual overtones, while driving home the point that God is her only man and is totally in charge of her existence. "You a di boss, You a di don", Kereen declares in one verse of the song, prior to going into the ear-popping chorus: Who me, you mad, fi one night of fun fi go cheat with the devil and give me God bun?

While some may feel that Kereen has compromised her Christianity with over-the-top lyrics such as these, Kereen herself is confident that the song is all part of that great divine plan and remains resolute in the face of growing criticism.

"Who Me You Mad is an out-of-the-box kind of song, but as Christians we know that we sometimes have to go where 'macca' can stick us and stick those around us so that they can wake up and see God's goodness," KG said. "And I didn't even know that I could deejay," the gospel singer added with a laugh.

According to Kereen, the song has received so much attention from both the dancehall and non-religious radio, that it has forced on-air gospel shows to start placing it on their programmes.

"It is great to sing a song in church and get a hearty 'Amen', but we as Christians must remember that we cannot always focus on preaching to the converted. If this song brings even one soul to Christ, I will feel that my mission has been accomplished," she said.

Kereen's other single on the Radikal Yawd label is called Lord Do Me Again and this too, has seen her stepping out of her usual comfort zone of traditional gospel songs.

Currently under the management of Butterfly Muzik Limited, KG is preparing for yet another milestone event in her gospel career – the launch of her debut album in the first half of 2012. For this offering, she has worked with producers Gifton Smith, Alex Blanken and Radikal Yawd.
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