Next Generation Records finds success with Dandexx "Fill My Cup"‏

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The name Next Generation Records might be new to many music lovers but the label has been around for some time now. It is owned and operated by producer/artist manager Wayne Brown and has been around since 2002 as an outlet to expose the talent that he saw around him in his community in Ginger Piece, Bethel Town in Hanover.

“When I started the label I did so because of my love for the music and I saw a lot of talented artists around me that needed help. The whole plan was to help the youths and make timeless music, music that will last forever hence the name Next Generation Records,” said Wayne Brown.

One such talent was his older brother Dandexx for whom he has produced a number of singles over the years. He has also produced several other artists from the western part of the island including Fire Lion, Eva Sparks, Okonko, Ras Carey and King Kazoo. In addition to the Western Jamaica based acts Wayne has produced and released songs for Mr. Pepper, Burru Banton and Queen Paula.

After over a decade of producing music Wayne Brown and his label has finally found the breakthrough single in the form of Dandexx’ song titled Fill My Cup. The song is currently number 12 on the Jamaica Music Countdown Top 25 Reggae Singles chart after ten weeks.

The producer is very happy that his label is currently enjoying success after many years of struggling in the music business.

“I am very happy about what’s going on for the label, you know it’s been a while now since I have been doing this and it’s a really nice feeling to finally have a hit song as a producer. This is only the beginning of things to come, I am working closely with my brother, he is based in California and his career is really taking off over there, we have several projects in the pipeline for this year.”
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