S-Q Records Looks to Make Big Impact In Jamaica‏

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Canadian based Hip Hop artist Lucci Gabana is a man who is very proud of his Jamaican roots. The multi-talented rapper who also juggles the role of CEO at S-Quire Entertainment was born to Jamaican parents in Canada, but grew up in Atlanta Georgia in the United States. Throughout his formative years Hip Hop music and music overall was a big part of his life. He began his journey in the music business at the age of thirteen.

“I got started in the music biz at age 13, rapping with the kids in my neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. We formed a rap group called HPIC (Head Players in Charge). Before that my first interactions with music began as far back as age six, when I began learning how to play the piano,” said Lucci Gabana.

Despite the fact that he is a Hip Hop act Lucci Gabana is a huge fan of dancehall and reggae music. He recently featured on a track with dancehall artist Don Sniper title Get The Money.

“I really love reggae and dancehall a lot, I just did a song with Don Sniper who is signed to my label, it’s a really strong track and it’s getting a lot airplay over here and in Jamaica at the moment. We plan to go all out with this track; we are currently organizing to shoot the video for it,” said Lucci Gabana from his Squire Entertainment headquarters in Toronto.

He also stated that his company has big plans where Jamaica is concerned as he intends to play a serious role in the exposure of Jamaican acts overseas.

“I have a lot going on in Jamaica right now, I recently signed Don Sniper, and he is a very talented artist. We are currently working on his project; the plan is to make him into an international dancehall star. We are going drop his album later this year; it’s going to be wicked. I am also doing work with other dancehall acts including Gyptian, Beenie Man and Pop Corn; I really want to make a serious impact with these projects both in Jamaica and overseas.”
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