Soca Divettes "Fete Tonight"

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The 'Soca Divettes' are the resident chorus background singers at the London Calypso Tent under the headship of the Association of British Calypsonians(ABC). Their shows and annual competitions put on by the ABC are held at the new Carnival Village base at the Tabernacle Arts Centre in West London and it is here that the Soca Divettes have been enhancing the material calypsonians deliver when they bring their renditions for entry to the Calypso and Groovy Soca Monarch competitions each July, August and October during Black History Month when the Junior Calypsonians compete.

For the last eight years or so the Soca Divettes have sung vast numbers of choruses and arranged many harmony lines for well over 20 competing artists, most offering two songs per season. As well as the regulars, The Soca Divettes work with the visiting special guest artists who are usually well known favourites from Trinidad and Tobago and recently Canada joining the Tent for the duration of the competition as well as The Notting Hill Carnival.

To name some of the acts/artists with whom the Soca Divettes have worked with either exclusively via the Tent or other follows: The late great Duke, Poser, General Grant, Explainer, Brown Boy, Black Stallin, Shadow, Sparrow, Calypso Rose, Denise Belfont, RPB, Beckett, Ajamo, Baron, Mr Dale, Mikey, Sanell Dempster, Berbice, Jamesy P and Kevin Lyttle.

In 2010, The Soca Divettes' impeccable ear for harmony and naturally
soulful flavour was picked up and a song written for them to allow
them the chance to shine as a new and separate entity in the Tent.

They performed their first song 'Soul Fire' during each of the Friday shows of that season and received great reviews each time. 'Soul Fire' was written by the talented and reigning British Calypso Monarch holder of 2010 & 2011 Alexander D'Great and handed over for the Divette treatment. Full of harmony and dynamic the song is fresh and
uplifting evoking a new style of sophisticated soul soca. 'Soul Fire' was recorded and produced by Martin York and Alexander D. Great for Lion Valley Records in 2011.

In the same year The Soca Divettes took it a step further and wrote a song themselves which they performed during the 2011 Tent season. New song 'Fete Tonight' has since been recorded and produced by Combination Studios and released January 2012 available on itunes.

The Soca Divettes will continue as a new and separate act that contributes to the art form offering their own brand of soulful sophisticated Calypso/Soca music.

The Soca Divettes are Carlene, Geraldine and Michelle the background is they are all accomplished singers individually and all have worked with well known pop, reggae and R & B artists during their time in the music industry which exceeds 20 years.
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