Ce’cile Reps The Females With 'Cheaters' Revenge‏

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Sassy songbird Cecile has never shied away from tackling controversial topics that are considered taboo in the Jamaican society. And her latest foray into the dynamic of sexual power in relationships center’s around the single, 'Cheater's Prayer the Female Refix (Cheater's Revenge)' a counteraction to Chris Martin's worldwide reggae hit of the same name where she declares outright that she is considering cheating on her boyfriend, whom she suspects is having an affair with another girl.

Produced by ZJ Chrome, the single has been in heavy rotation on local FM radio but is also generating considerable buzz in countries such as Bahamas, Belize, St Lucia, Kenya and is often played right after Chris Martin's 'Cheater's Prayer'.

"Chris had asked me to do it initially but I didn't want to do it, and then when I saw the reaction to the song in the clubs, I had to do it," Cecile said in a release.

"Another song on the same riddim, 'If You' is an answer but not a direct answer to Cheater's Prayer because there had to be a female side to this lover's dilemma, and then I ended up doing a dub for Chrome called Cheater's Revenge. And surprise surprise, it is the dubplate which got big and because of the demand, and so we put that out as a song, it is not even recorded properly, but there was such a great demand for it, especially in the Caribbean, with disc jockeys wanting to play it back to back with Chris' song, that it had to go out fast," she said, laughing.

Cecile said that music insiders soon realized that disc jockeys and selectors were actually recording the song off the radio, and dropping it on reggae mixes with the name of the disc jockey embedded in the song. So a decision was made to release the song as a single with Chrome's name edited.

"People were recording it off the radio with Chrome's name in it, it was crazy. In St. Lucia, a lot of females called the disc jocks over there and told them that there was another version, and asked why it wasn't being played. They actually felt slighted that it wasn't being played, and then they got their wish," she said.

Cecile has performed the song several times locally on stage shows, most notably at a PNP end-of-campaigning concert, the day before the national elections.

"The song got a big forward there, both man and woman love it, it is just one of those relationship songs which strikes a chord with people," she said.

The lyrics go:

Wait till him lef the yard/is ah next man ah come in ya/just wait till him lef the yard/a wah da bwoy ya tek mi fa

A good woman dont want want fi cheat

But some ah dem man ya ah over do it

Gal after gal after gal pon the street

We choose to be real but anno like we caan do it

Well, we anno fool, caan tek we fi fool

Disrespect we no tek, we can gi yu bun too

Yu waan play games, yo, yu wicked and rude

But I got a big surprise for you: The song has become a big favorite in local dances because it is an anthem for empowered females. And nobody can represent that particular segment of the population quite like Cecile.
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