Face Dada Shoots Ghetto Video‏

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Looking to capitalize on the current hype surrounding his song titled Ghetto, Portmore based rapper Face Dada recently shot a video for the thought provoking single which was produced by Dre Day. The single which appears on the BDCG Entertainment imprint has been blowing up FM radio since its release.

“I just did the video for Ghetto, my team and I are really excited about it, it’s going to be a great video, everyone involved with the project really put a lot of work into it. We hope that the video will compliment what’s already happening with the song and just help to make the whole thing bigger.”

The video was shot at various locations across the corporate area including Portmore, Waterhouse and Harborview. It was direct and produced by 13th Tribe Productions and is currently being edited to be released before the end of March.
“We did the video in places like my community, Garvey Meade and West Meade over in Portmore and we also went over to Harborview and Waterhouse for some scenes. We wanted to really highlight certain areas, so that people can see what life is like for the average Jamaican who has to struggle to survive in the ghetto, said Face Dada.
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