Francheno Continues To Carve A Niche On Local Music Scene

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Fast rising reggae singer Francheno is having a good time as he continues to carve a niche for himself on the local music scene. Since he delivered his break through hit last year titled Life Set Away Francheno has been very busy recording for a number of producers, he also produced several tracks for himself.

“Right now I am feeling very good about my career; things are looking very promising for me. My music is getting out there to the people, I am getting crazy comments and messages on Face book from people all over the world about my music, the fans are showing me a lot of love. This has really encouraged me to continue making good music for the fans and that’s what I am concentrating on doing”

His latest single titled Ghetto Youths Be Strong is currently blowing up FM radio both locally and abroad and the Trelawny based artist doesn’t plan to ease up as he is getting ready to drop a barrage of new singles in the coming weeks.

“My newest tune is doing very good, it’s getting good airplay and it’s catching on in the dancehall too. I plan to drop a bunch of new tunes over the next few months, I can’t afford to ease up right now, I am working for the big break so I got to keep pushing, keep on hitting the fans with good music,” said the artist.

Francheno is also booked to perform on a number of events over the next few months including the Portmore Dancehall Awards and the Clarendon Music Awards.
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