L3 Magazine - March, 2012 with Kreesha Turner + More

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Spring is drawing near, and Canada’s leading Caribbean-Urban online publication, L3 Magazine, gives readers insight on artists they will be hearing a lot of for the season! Readers get up close and personal with Kreesha Turner, Jemere Morgan, Noel Gourdin, Big Red, Mission Catwalk and more!

Canadian and International recording artist Kreesha Turner shares how her new album, Tropic Electric came to fruition, not just from her heart, but with one of the super producers she worked with, The Wizard, as well as recording the album in her native Jamaica. As Kreesha explains, the ‘vibe has to be right,’ and right it is!

Fast Fact: Love Kreesha’s hair?! It’s not a wig, it’s 100% natural!

Although Jemere Morgan is young, he comes from a seasoned stable of musicians, including veteran recording artist Gramps Morgan who happens to be his Dad! Jemere opens up about his thoughts on being called the ‘Just Beiber’ of the Caribbean, and how he balances school, touring, and being a kid! The answers from this very mature young man will surprise you, and might just give you a chuckle!

Noel Gourdin’s music can only be described a ‘Soul Movement!’ Marcus Weller sits down with the artist where the two of them chat about the music made by Mr. Gourdin (pronounced Gour-deen), his southern Mississippi roots, and making music with paper and pen – even to this day!

Barbados has always had multi-talented artists, who shine on international stages. In the case of Big Red, his shine is en route to the status of Alison Hinds! The young artist is passionate about Soca, creating a method of producing great music and balancing his studies at the University of the West Indies at the same time. They don’t call him ‘big’ for nothing! Tricia Spence was rolling with laughter during the interview; it was comedy and music rolled in one!

In Fashion news, Jamaica and the Caribbean are set to welcome Mission Catwalk into their homes via television. The fashion series has taken designers from across the Caribbean, looking for the next great such as Anya Ayoung Chee! These designers put their skills to the test with scissors and fabric and we have all the details!

Heike Wollenweber does her first interview and selects Sekhu’s brand of conscious Reggae! Coming from the Virgin Islands, Sekhu explains his early influences with Reggae music, and what inspires him to record the way he does. Heike’s travels also give us a first hand account of cruising, and the cruise life. These are two great features you don’t want to miss!

Additional highlights include music reviews of Madd Spider Productions new riddim, Hot Water, Twelve 9 Records and Dynasty Music’s Kush Morning Riddim, Japans Machaco and her tireless efforts to raise money for Japan’s Tsunami victims who still need help, as well as Damian Marley’s “Affairs of the Heart” music review. We have the top 20 Digital Downloads, and Rico Vibes top 10 video Countdoen. Neu Er’as Jerome Dupont will have the world talking because of his photo shoot with Ms. March, Leaje Gonzales!
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