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He has been deejaying professionally since he was twelve years old and has never lost sight of his goal to become a top entertainer. While growing up in Glendevon in Montego Bay, Tahz was always surrounded by music, as his father was a sound system operator and by the time he was enrolled in the Glendevon All Age School, he was beating the desk and entertaining his friends during lunch breaks.

“From the time I was born I was surrounded by music, my father is a great music lover and he had a sound system, so music was always around. Naturally I fell in love with dancehall music and from an early age I decided I wanted to be a deejay,” said the artist.

Pretty soon he began performing on school concerts and community events. Tahz did his first big event at the age of twelve, when he performed at Schooler’s Showdown in Montego Bay. This performance really kick started his career in his home city and soon after he was being sought by nearly every promoter in the city to appear on their events.

“I really began to take the thing really serious in all age school, I used to deejay for my friends and they always told me that I was very good, that really inspired me. Eventually I started to perform at school and in my community, but my first break really came when I performed at Schooler’s Showdown, it is a night I will never forget.”

After he established himself on Montego Bay circuit Tahz decided that it was time for him to broaden his horizons, so he eventually moved to Kingston in the late 90s. This move enabled him to get involved in the music business in a more serious way. To date he has recorded an impressive catalogue of songs which includes hits such as Candle In The Wind and Rest In Peace.

Having paid his dues Tahz is now looking to take his career to new heights under the guidance of Le-g-Nae Records. He recently released two new singles, One Pants which is a riveting reggae one drop track and blazing dancehall number titled Choose Yuh Friends Carefully, which was done in tandem with Chi Ching Ching. Both songs are currently enjoying strong rotation, a music video was also done in support of One Pants, the video was shot at several locations across Kingston.

“I really plan to go harder with my career this year, I have paid my dues already and the time has come for me to shine. I now have a very good management team and that’s something every artist really need, you have to have strong support in order to make it in this game, with Le-g-Nae Records I am going to go all the way to the top,” he said confidently.
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