The Dutch Productions/ Stratosphere Music Releases Iyanola Riddim

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Iyanola was the name given to Saint Lucia by the first settlers, the Amerindians. Actually, the name in its modern incarnation is phonetically and linguistically different – the original name was modified to Iyanola by members of the Rastafarian movement in the country. Its meaning, like the riddim that now proudly carries it is the same – Iyanola the name was the first to capture the beauty of Saint Lucia, land of iguanas, home to a proud people that includes award winning songwriter and producer Courtney “Curty” Louis featuring keyboardist Stephen “Horseface” Mathurin in the mix.

The Dutch Productions/ Stratosphere Music riddim was built in Bois D’Orange, Saint Lucia; it is the first music released by the production house in 2012 and features Mongstar on “Saint Lucia We Love;” Ambi on “Madam La;” Scady Dot P on “Hey Scady;” Marie-Anne on “Fall in Love” newcomer J Budz on “Pumping” and Grenadian soca king
Mr Killa on “Do You Wanna Party?”

The Iyanola riddim is a departure from what is thought of as traditional soca with musical influences that include techno, funk and rock – all the songs stand on their own but played together gives a hint of what Saint Lucian music, its artistes and producers have to offer.
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