Video Release: Ce'Cile (feat. Agent Sasco) Hey

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Hey” ... the second single from Ce ́Cile‘s current album “Jamaicanization” is coming out. After featuring in the Top 100 Radio Airplay Charts in the youth format for 8 weeks with her first single “Singing this song”, she has now got the dancehall star agent Sasco aka Assassin on board to now also cause a stir in the clubs in addition to being played on the radio. The videoclip has just been released, you can watch it HERE!

Nothing should come between her and her lover – Power of love in Jamaican. This is how you would more or less describe the content of her first single “Singing this song”. The youth radio station was happy to take up the message and then transported it through the airwaves. In addition she was the only female artiste to simultaneously have two songs in the German black charts for 10 weeks.

If you are having such a nice time of it then why not continue in this vein? More of the same! Simply let yourself drift along with it, enjoy it and savour the “greatest pastime in the world” like a perpetuum mobile, endlessly if possible. This is what the new compelling single of the Jamaican dancehall princess is about. As is the case in true life you also obviously require two protagonists here and Ce'Cile has netted herself one of the top stars of the current dancehall scene as a feature guest in the form of Agent Sasco.

The song exudes a lot of positive energy and the first tests in clubs in Scandinavia and Italy have demonstrated that the fans immediately began singing the refrain although they were both premiere performances. The hook is ultra catchy and the beat immediately gets you going. The music to the number was also composed by Cologne-based star producer Ben Bazzazian (has worked with Gentleman, Azad, Booba, Sefyu, Bushido)!
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