Cherine Releases Inspiring Uptempo Singles "Eagles & Doves"

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"Don't believe in failure/ we can do it we can rise above it dreams come through/ And if you get knocked down just get back up again," Cherine soulfully inspires over a super heavy dancehall beat and piercing synthesizer. These aren't random words pulled from a inspirational book but the lyrics from Dancehall - Soul singer Cherine's latest single"Eagles & Doves"..

After revealing "Eagles & Doves" during a recent radio interview, Cherine officially releases the song TODAY April 11th to DJs, Bloggers and supporters worldwide via her website www.cherineanderson.com. The official radio release of "Eagles & Doves" has been re-worked and is slightly different from the mixtape version of the song both lyrically and in production.

According to the song's producers Shadow & Dream Queen of Dancehall Soul Productions " The song is perfect for the times, the financial world crisis have many people feeling depressed and down but we believe "Eagles & Doves" is that song to truly uplift and inspire and it's on a classic uptempo dancehall beat, once you hear the song you are gonna dance."

Additionally a soulful guitar-lead acoustic version of "Eagles & Doves", recorded with members of Cherine's official live band Rockfort Rebels, will be released simultaneously.

Cherine - who is still on an upward trajectory with her previous self-directed video and song "How We Living", now charting on several international and local reggae charts - is very appreciative and remains focused on bigger plans for this new single. Coincidentally the inspiring and uplifting "Eagles & Doves" also seem timely and supports the Jamaica 50th themes of perseverance, strength and determination.
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