Gospel Artiste KG Electrifies Guyana

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An awesome two-show stop in Guyana during the Easter weekend has left rising female gospel artiste, KG, in a jubilant mood, even as she declares that her faith was tried.

The singer, whose dancehall and soca-flavoured gospel songs are become as popular as her traditional repertoire, got a pleasant surprise when she slipped into Guyana on the weekend of April 8. Although the promoter had told her that the people in Guyana knew her songs, the affable KG had no idea that the word 'popular' would easily be a fitting description.

At the first show on April 8 at the Kwakwani venue, which is outside of the city, KG's fans delighted her with their word-for-word singing of some of her songs. Entitled Rhema Praise, the concert also featured a line-up of the best gospel acts in Guyana, but it was KG's soca-flavoured Ride Out the Storm that sent ripples throughout the venue.

"I was so pleasantly surprised that the song is so well known in Guyana," KG beamed, with her trademark brilliant smile. "The presence of the Lord was in the place and the people were caught up in giving glory to God," she said of the rollicking praise-and-worship session during her time on stage.

KG, whose repertoire of in-demand songs is growing, also performed Highly Favoured and Blessed, Lifting Up Praise To You, Who Me Yuh Mad and others.

The following night saw KG in the heart of the city, Guyana's capital, Georgetown, where the folk there were equally responsive, but hooked on a different tune. And, although not billed as the headline act, the task of closing the event, The Real Easter Praise, was passed off on a surprised KG.

"I was at the venue waiting to perform, but each time I asked about my time slot, I was asked very politely to wait a while. Eventually, I was advised that I would be closing the show," KG explained.

It was a curve ball that KG, the only female act on the line-up, handled well. The Georgetown crowd embraced her and enveloped her in Christian love as they enjoyed a real gospel party with their favourite KG song, the dancehall-flavoured Who Me, You Mad. KG ministered exceptionally well and during the song God Alone, she made an altar call, which saw five persons in the audience making the bold decision to give their lives to God.

"The moment was so powerful that many of us had tears streaming down our faces. It is never about me or my ability to sing, it is always all about saving souls for Christ. I am just a messenger," KG declared, brushing aside any suggestion that she should take credit for transforming lives. In closing she noted, "Look out Guyana, you'll soon be seeing and hearing more from KG!"
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