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Florida based Reggae artist David Swaby aka Kunta Kente has been on a musical mission since the age of fifteen. The Kingston born deejay honed his craft on sound-systems such as African Ward and Soul Express while attending high school.

In those early days his musical influences were Josey Wales and Charley Chaplain, who were two of the top Deejays on the popular Stereograph sound, during the 1980s.

His first musical experiences came much earlier in life when he sang in his church and school choirs while growing up in his home town of Castle Kelly in St Ann.

“From as early as I can remember music has been a big part of my life, my first experiences with music came through my involvement with my church choir and my all age school choir, those were some very good experiences.

The St. Georges All Age School choir was very successful, we won a number of competitions and all these experiences helped to sharpen my vocal skills and my desires to be an entertainer. As I grew up I gravitated to the sounds of the day especially dancehall music”

Kunta Kente has come a long way musically and otherwise since those early days, to date he has recorded and released a number of thought provoking and socially uplifting singles such as Hands of The Wicked, Think before You Act, Them Got Him and Immigration. He has also released an album titled Smile A While.

Kunta Kente is currently working on a soon to be released single titled Celebrate Jamaica. The single is a tribute song done in celebration of Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of independence. It is due to be released this summer in time for the country’s annual independence celebrations.
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