Mikeylous Hits With 'Hype & Bruck‏'

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Ochi Rios based dancehall artist Michael Grant aka Mikeylous has been one of the most consistent dancehall acts since the late 1980s. Over the years he has endured the never ending changes in the dancehall and has continued to deliver the hits.

“A lot of people don’t know that Mikeylous has been around for a very long time, when I just started out I used the stage name Niggah Mikey, I used to deejay on Metro Media sound-system with Peter Metro in the late 80s. Eventually I changed my name to Mikeylous, to make myself more marketable.”

Mikeylous is widely known in the dancehall arena for popular and sometimes controversial songs such as One Day Bad Bwoy, Charge Fi Rape, Macarena Dance, Sticky, Caah Work, Country Mi Thing Deh and Bad Mind A Kill Dem which was done in tandem with his mentor Peter Metro.

“Over the years I have done a lot of popular tunes and I have also toured a lot, I’ve been to places like France, Switzerland, Canada, Bermuda and the US. All over the world the people love me everywhere I go, said the artist.

Mikeylous has done it again, his latest single called Hype & Bruck which was done on the Bruck Pocket rhythm for the St. Ann based Drop Di Bass label, is currently burning up the airwaves.

“My new tune is going great, it’s getting crazy plays on radio and in the dancehall, everywhere I go people are talking about Hype & Bruck it’s the new talk in the streets.”

The Bruck Pocket rhythm also features songs from other popular dancehall acts including Capleton, Macka Diamond and Charley Blacks.
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