Villa Dutch To Shoot Stronger Video

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Dancehall artist Villa Dutch believes that his latest single titled Stronger on GT Taylor’s Rockin rhythm has the strength to propel his career all the way to the top. The St. Catherine based singjay says, since the release of stronger his popularity has been on the increase.

“This tune is the best thing that has happened to my career since I began working with GT, everywhere I go the people know it, I am really getting a good response from it,” said the artist.

Villa Dutch is currently getting ready to shoot a video in support of Stronger in order to strengthen the promotion of the song. “I am preparing to shoot the video for Stronger; I want to do a good video that will help to push the song in a big way. I have a lot of confidence that with continued airplay and promotion Stronger will be a big hit.”

The singjay also said that his recently released mix tape titled Nuh Fear has caught the attention of dancehall fans locally and overseas. “Things are going really well with my mix tape too; it has been getting mad love in the streets and on the net. So far on the internet we have gotten hundreds of downloads already, the fans really love it.” Also on the cards for Villa Dutch are a number of studio projects including the completion of his debut album.
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