YuhSeeYou Entertainment & Publicity Sends Out A Public Apology‏

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Over the last three weeks Reeva Ann Proctor also known as Miss-Reeva of Canada’s Leading Dancehall & Reggae Publicity Firm was publically humiliated over various social networking outlets by Torontonians Young Dancehall artist “Keron Williams”. The actions the artist decided to act on to create a hype for himself and animosity between YuhSeeYou and their current clients has been an annoyance and is affecting other artists careers aswell as Miss-Reeva’s own non-profit organizaton “Youth Dem Future”.

Reeva Proctor would like to apologize for the annoyance on fans social networks, and reputation this may have affected on current clients. YuhSeeYou is currently managing Sampaloo, Publicist for Bridgez out of the Alliance, Squaddy G, and is working on Campaigns both with I-Octane and Destine Media on the “Crying to the Nation” Canadian tour, and the SoFlo Dancehall Reggae Awards.

The two joined forces beginning of March to start endeavours on a basic publicity start-up package – as he was looking for a firm to give him the promotion he needed because according to him several companies and social media personelle such a Krish Genius, and Rawtid TV had “ripped” him off in the past.

Reeva states how she offered Keron Williams the following package at a 3-Month Contract reduced rate”

This was in an e-mail written by YuhSeeYou@gmail.com March 4th, 2012

1 Written Press Release/m
1 UCU Email Blast to 2500 Industry Professionals, Media, and Hardcore Fans/m
2 DJ only blast w/ Mediafire Link (1500 DJ's)/m
Social Network Blast - Every 2nd Day on Facebook, and Every Day on Twitter/m
Promoter Blast [If you supply a PDF/Professional Electronic Press Kit*]/m

$50 dollars is the cost for any Jamaica Print Media
PDF Press Kit from me is $150 with this Package.

As for a Plan I say we

Start out with an appropriated Press Release about a music video/event/ect that will tie in to an introduction, as looking on the internet there are no press releases anywhere.

DJ Blasts - Choose your 2 songs

After about 2-3 Months - I suggest a Write up in the Jamaica Star

Social Network Blast will be your choice of one single for facebook, and one or 2 for Twitter.


The Money was sent by Keron Williams Via Western Union March 5th –for the package and ½ the funds for a PDF Press Kit. He was told that March 12th the contract would begin, his next payment date being April 12th. His baby mother and Publicist, Sherri from Shining Star PR than started to sub-tweet YuhSeeYou on twitter stating that I was trying to take her clients, than continued on to say that I promised to do work without completing it though the artist and I had already came to an agreement to start March 12th.After receiving a bad vibe from his team, I told the artist on March 23rd, 2012 I am going to put a hold and cancel our contract and finish what I have to do for you such as press release and social media promotion, and hold an apology.”

On March 27th, 2012 – Keron Williams aka Elements Definitely on facebook writes : “everything inna mi tells me that yuh badmind mi so...mi nuh want no appologie.........just return mi money or jus live with the fact seh yuh rip mi off and you are a fake promoter.........”

The artist than blocked Reeva on facebook, and decided to ignore phone calls instead of acting like a Business professional. After several attempts to contact the artist to send the PDF Press Kit, I deleted the clients file and moved on.

As of March 28th until today April 18th the artist has broadcasted across twitter, facebook, and media personnel’s worldwide creating an uproar of lies to ensure it hurt the firm’s reputation.
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