Daville Kicks Off 10-Show Tour Of Germany

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Reggae singer, Da'Ville, who has firmly bounced back from a self-imposed break from music, is bursting with enthusiasm and ready to go wherever his career takes him.

After concluding a mini tour of the US East Coast and then hopping over to French Guyana in April, Da'Ville has now packed his bags again and this time he is heading to Europe, more specifically, Germany.

This will be the singer's opportunity to reconnect with his fans on that side of the globe and reclaim his space in the European market, which has always fully embraced him.

Da'Ville, who departed the US for Germany on May 24, explained that so far there are ten confirmed dates, with the first show taking place on May 26 in Mannheim. Among the other German cities where he is scheduled to perform are Berlin, Stockholm, Vienna, Helsinki, Stuttgart, Zurich, Basel and Mechelen with back-to-back shows between June 1 and 6. This will mean a lot of driving every day to get to the venues and sound checks on time, but Da'Ville says he is ready, both physically and mentally, for this grueling run.

"This is my career...music is what we do and touring is an essential part of it. That's how artistes make money, but equally important is the connection with fans in various countries. And, Germany is fascinating. Here are people of a different culture, many of whom don't even speak your language, yet they know your songs and will pay their hard-earned money to see you.

That alone is enough to make you want to leave from one venue to the next without complaining," the singer said. He added, "And, of course, I have been taking care of my body, getting myself ready for the road. As artistes, we have to pay keen attention to these things," Da'Ville said, laughing as he flexed his biceps.

Known for his lover's rock songs that have mass appeal, the Jamaican entertainer's popularity soared in 2007, when he made a huge breakthrough with the Penthouse/Donovan Germain-produced single, Always On My Mind. Shortly after that he made a move to the US, for personal reasons.

Since 2011, Da'Ville has been easing himself back into the hearts of his huge female fan base and has been in studio with JA Productions, Penthouse, Sean 'Seanizzle' Reid and Cash Flow Records and has also inked a management and booking contract with Ray Alexander's Khool International..
Da'Ville's Germany tour runs from May 26 through to June 11.
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