Flippa Mafia Soars On The Dutty Cartoon Riddim

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Dancehall star Flippa Mafia has returned with a bang. His latest single Real to the People which is featured on the Dutty Cartoon riddim from Board House Records, has been blowing up all over FM radio.

In a release to the media, Flippa explained the story behind the song. “Every song I do has meaning behind it based on the things I am talking about. A me say star a star. Me a di real flossing King”, Flippa explained. This isn’t the first time that Flippa has worked with the Board House Records team. He describes the synergy with the budding dancehall label as a successful one.

“It has been very successful working with Board House Records. We have a good chemistry and this is evident in the songs that we put out”, said Flippa. The dancehall artiste has recorded quite a few songs for the label including his breakthrough number one hit Dem Ya, Say Dem a Lippa, Bout Dem a Floss and Ova Mi Money.

Flippa has been quite busy recording on some of the hottest dancehall projects currently permeating the scene. He is featured on ZJ Wah Wa’s newest project with the track Can’t Help Myself. Additionally he also recorded on new projects for TJ Records and producer Rambo.

The artiste says he is bringing a different flavour to the dancehall game. “Right now me a bring a different flavour to the game. We a try to uplift the youths so they can enjoy themselves. We’re trying to bring a jovial thing to the music”, he explained.

The artiste has also evolved into music production with the creation of his Flip Money Squad and label Flip Money Records. Flip Money Records debuted a while back with the Canary Diamond and Extra Fire rhythm projects which featured hits from Bounty Killer and Buju Banton.

The label’s upcoming project features a riddim created by Big Ship’s Stephen McGregor. The project is aimed at tapping into the hip hop market and according to Flippa, he already has two well known American rappers lined up to record songs on the riddim. Flip Money Squad is comprised of up and coming dancehall acts including Skilly Banks, Kanambo and Placka Moggela

Flippa Mafia is set to perform at the So Flo Awards event in Florida later this month. He will also be hosting a number of parties over the Memorial Weekend in the United States and a pool party. On May 12 he will share stage with the fireman Capleton at a stage show in Philadelphia, while on June 14 he is billed to perform in Chicago.
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