Marcia Griffiths Teams Up With Rising Reggae Artist Kwabena Nip

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Following on from Kwabena's Bloody River single, The Queen Of Reggae, Marcia Griffiths, has teamed up with the rising reggae artiste to record this new single, Governs Of Africans, after a friend had played her a couple of tracks from his album Ancestral Vessel, which she really liked and she replied "He's really good!"

So Kwabena flew out to Jamaica on one of his missions and had the privilege of recording Governs Of Africans with Marcia, and commented, “We both immediately understood the message in the lyrics and wholeheartedly supported them!”

“I found Marcia very easy going, warm, and humble to work with., and a kind of love and helpfulness came from her being, not to mention her professionalism which is without equal. It was a great boost to my spirit to work with such a legendary icon, and to finally sing with The Queen Of Reggae.

As for Marcia, she brought a calm flavour to the song, adding her own unique, smooth vocal style, which is instantly recognisable and also makes Governs Of Africans even more radio friendly and easy to listen to. “Working with her was like gold, but to top it with a diamond, I would love to record an album with Marcia, if she ever gets some time.”

Kwabena concludes “In Jamaica, we must always remember that these legendary artistes are a gift from The Most High to us all, and they still continue to spread the conscious message of True Reggae Music round the globe “
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