Raine Seville, Artiste And Advocate

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Raine Seville has been working on all levels of her career, as a singer and activist, once again showcasing her versatile personality and talents. Since the start of the year Raine has been making waves on the airwaves with two new collaborations, one of which is her biggest collaboration to date with star Mavado.

The two collaborated for Cheating Games on Pay day Music’s Real Reggae rhythm, which has gained more than 200,000 views on youtube. The song is like a conversation between the two as they discuss the cheating situation in their musical relationship.

Another collaboration to look out for that is steady gaining speed is Watch Me Wine Now with Voicemail for producer Washroom Entertainment. According to Seville the song is getting a lot of airplay and will be featured on Voicemail’s upcoming mix tape. Outside of that the singer is working with famed local producer Don Corleon and newcomer Blackspyda.

The singer’s hard work is beginning to pay off with a performance at the South Florida Reggae Awards in Florida in June. She has also been nominated for three awards at the upcoming Music Achievers Awards, for ‘Best Music Video’ for her Showdown video, ‘Best Dressed Female’ and ‘Most Promising Female’.

Outside of music, Raine Seville is always willing to play her part in assisting various charities and organizations. The singer’s latest advocacy role is as an Ambassador for Help Ja Children, the advocacy group organized a march and rally in Kingston on Tuesday, May 1. Help JA Children was founded after an article was published in the media, giving Jamaicans a chilling reminder of the dire circumstances that many Jamaican children face.

The article revealed that children as young as four have been treated in heinous cases of sexual abuse. As a mother, Seville was quick to hear the cry for assistance and was a visionary behind the group’s theme song Play Your Part. Raine commented, “Play Your Part features 11 artistes and is produced by Payday Music, with co-production by Nigel Staff.

I came up with the concept of getting the artistes together on one track to sing about issues we face in our society and the need to play our part and work together. With the help of Craig Jackson from Voicemail and Chevaughn the chorus was composed and recorded then we approached the other artistes who saw the vision and agreed to be a part of it.

After hearing about the Help Ja Children campaign/march I approached Brandon Allwood with the song telling him I believe it is fitting for the movement he listened to it loved it and made it the theme song of the Help Ja Children movement. “ A video for the song will be released in May and Raine will be co-directing the video.
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