Cole Phoenix Releases First Single, "Falling For You,"

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Australian-born singer, songwriter and actress Cole Phoenix is set to take the pop world by storm with a new single and new album on deck. Poised to release her self-titled debut album worldwide this month, the talented songstress first dishes out her official single, "Falling For You," a pop/rock Cole Phoenix-original featuring upbeat piano and percussion rhythms fused with intense strings and synthesizers.

"'Falling For You' is an empowering song about waking up and smelling the roses in a bad relationship," reveals Phoenix. "It shows that as time is going by, the seasons are passing and the relationship corresponds to the seasonal pattern. Sometimes hot, sometimes cold...ultimately abusive. It's a comment on bad relationships in general and standing up against abuse."

Phoenix says the upcoming video for "Falling For You" is going to be an interesting take on abusive relationships through metaphoric imagery, and she cannot wait to co-direct it. "I love bringing concepts to screen, visions to 'reel-ality.' Music and film are both passions of mine and combining them is exciting." She hopes for this to be the first of many videos to emerge from her upcoming album.

The album has quite a dynamic range, from jazz numbers to pop rock tracks. "My musical taste is eclectic and I wanted to reflect that," discloses Phoenix. "I also wanted to bring out an album people can relate to at different stages in life, and connect with from different emotional levels." Showcasing fun, flippant tracks such as "Cougar," romantic ballads like "You Complete Me," tearjerkers with "Cigarette Love," and even a disco vibe anthem against bullying with "Cannibal," Phoenix clearly encompasses a vast emotional spectrum on the album.

Cole Phoenix, the self- titled debut commercial album, will be available in stores and online on July 24, 2012, so get ready for a collection of refreshingly classy gems from this cool yet elegant artist, come this summer.
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