Sean Paul Releases 2012 Olympic Anthem

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International superstar Sean Paul is doing his part to keep the Jamaican spirit high as the London 2012 Olympic Games draw near. The artiste’s recently released single Hold On is an anthem for local and overseas athletes who will be heading to London with dreams of achieving gold.

The third single released from Sean Paul’s Tomahawk Technique, Hold On is an upbeat and uplifting song that speaks to striving and achieving your dreams no matter what obstacles may stand in the way. The song’s powerful message can be applied in all areas and levels of life and for a big stage like the Olympics rings true to the theme of accomplishing only the best.

“I felt compelled to do Hold On this year especially because of the upcoming Olympics and wanting to encourage our ambassadors to excel despite the challenges.” Sean explained. Hold On, is easily becoming a local anthem for all Jamaican athletes ready to bring more accolades home to Jamaica.

The song starts off on an uplifting note as Sean Paul singjays, “Hold on to the dream, hold on, Hold on now, now, Hold on and believe, Oh we already won, we still hold on.” Sean Paul seems to be talking directly to his fellow Jamaican athletes. After Jamaica’s athletes record breaking achievements in the Beijing 2008 Olympics, all eyes will be on the Jamaican athletes in London this August.

The song inspires hope and eases sporting anxiety in the message sent. In an interview with Sean he states, “I certainly hope the song will give encouragement to Jamaican athletes, I know how hard they work and how much what they do means to Jamaica.” “Everytime I watch them compete I feel such a proud feeling. I know they will continue to rise higher and bring us some more gold.”

A former athlete himself, having competed in Water Polo throughout his youth and well acquainted with the struggles of following his dreams in music to accomplish worldwide success, Sean Paul truly speaks from his heart, which is felt in the song. “Being a swimmer and a water polo player I had to train for hours and hours. The commitment, preparation and sweat that goes into being a half second faster is unbelievable that's the spirit that fueled Hold On" the artiste said.

Since released, Hold On has been steadily gaining airplay locally and internationally. The deejay hopes that the song will continue to inspire not only local athletes heading out for Olympic gold, but for all persons who are thriving to accomplish their dreams and goals.

The Grammy winning artiste continues to reap success with his fifth studio album, Tomahawk Technique which was released in France in January. The pop album debuted at the #1 spot on the Japan I-Tunes chart and has seen remarkable growth in Europe and the rest of the world. Other popular hits from the album include: Got 2 Luv U with American songstress Alexis Jordan, She Doesn’t Mind and How Deep Is Your Love featuring superstar Kelly Rowland.

Got 2 Luv U has sold over 2 million copies digitally and its strong performance in Europe has set the pace for the song making the top 10 in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania and Spain. Roll Wid Di Don also featured on the album was produced by the artiste on his Material Riddim and has held the #1 spot on the Hype TV charts in Jamaica for six weeks. Sean Paul is currently touring and constantly working on new material.
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