Singjay Khago Disses Sizzla On Sound Chat Radio

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Singjay Khago had a lot on his mind when he called in directly from the recording studio in Kingston, Jamaica to Sound Chat Radio in New Jersey on Tues June 12th. This was his second exclusive interview with host 'chin' in less than a month as the artiste presently finds himself battling a mounting set of Dancehall veterans including Assassin who he says has recorded a 'diss song' aimed at him titled "Bun freaky ras"; Bushman who he felt insulted him with derogative statements concerning his international performance status; and the latest now being Miguel Collins aka Sizzla Kalonji.

Sizzla had this week released a track titled "Hurry Come up" which mentions Khago's recently released single titled 'Threesome', upon hearing this Khago said he felt compelled to respond to the Sizzla 'diss track' boldly stating "me nah stop til me write-off all a dem!"

Sound Chat Radio got a hold of Khago's musical response which was not yet officially released, in fact while off air Khago admitted to not even remembering the lyrics as he puts it the recording was spontaneous, "Me just put on me headphone and talk wha deh pon me mind."

Later during the 'no holds bar' interview he also stated "Kalonji a no bad man" and showed his fearlessness by going on to point out inadequacies that he sees with Sizzla stating, "Kalonji no buss no yute yet," referring to the absence of any of Sizzla's protoje's who have yet to gain any traction in the music business. An act for which he praised fellow artistes' Bounty and Capleton whom he says have given young artistes a chance to experience success and a career of their own.

THE ABOVE IS JUST THE TIP OF KHAGO'S STRAIGHT-TALKING, SIZZLA-LASHING INTERVIEW, FOR THE FULL STORY, LISTEN HERE: http://www.irishandchin.com/radio/listen-to-exclusive-radio-show-interviews/3187-khago-interview
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