Tmar Eyes Musical Breakthrough With Street Cleaner Rhythm

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Ever since he was a small boy growing up in his home town in Princess Field, St. Catherine Jermaine Millington aka Tmar was very passionate music. By the age of nine he began performing on school events while attending St. Dominic Prep School. This trend continued throughout his high school years, during those years he was very active in dancing, drama and music.

The former Charlemont High School student has come a long way since those early days; now he is a budding musician, producer and singjay. “From I was a little boy music was a big part of my life, other than music the only thing that really peaked my interest was football and although I played football in high school, in the end music won out. My whole life is about music now, making beats, recording my songs, performing and producing for other artists, said Tmar.

Over the last four years Tmar has produced a number of rhythm projects featuring himself and other artists including Little Hero, Charley Blacks and Timmi Burrell.
He is currently promoting a brand new rhythm called the Street Cleaner; this rhythm features songs from a number of artists such as Timmi Burrell, Edge Michael, Mojo Herbs, Qurious, Belgium based African singer Musaby and Tikaros from Japan.
Tmar is very excited about the project which has been released over a month now. Since its release all the songs on the rhythm including Tmar’s I Fear no Evil have been receiving strong support both locally and overseas, especially in Japan and Europe.

According to him he thinks the rhythm has what it takes to be a success globally.
“The Street Cleaner was made with the international market in mind, the rhythm is pure dancehall it has the 90s flavor that’s missing from dancehall music now and the songs are well produced and mastered. I really think with the right support from radio it will go places worldwide.”

He also said that he thinks this project will be the one to give him the musical breakthrough that he has long yearned for. “I have been doing my thing for a good while now and I think that I have finally found the winning project, I have been getting a lot of props for the Street Cleaner people really seem to like it.

All the songs are doing well especially on you youtube and I have been getting crazy comments on facebook about it. Everywhere I perform my song on the rhythm I have gotten a good response.” All the songs on the Street Cleaner rhythm were mixed and mastered by at Marc Leys at MacLess Music Factory in Belgium.
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