Assassin for 9th Annual Montreal International Reggae Festival!

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Since the year 1999, Assassin, a.k.a. Agent Sasco has been a lyrical force to be reckoned with in his songs, and on the stage. Ranked in the top 50 on Reverb Nations top 50 chart, fans have declared Agent Sasco as one of the top artists they want to see perform at the 9th Annual Montreal International Reggae Festival. Songs such as “Idiot Ting,” “Step Pon Dem” and “Idiot Ting” as well as recent hits “Nuh Jus A Come” produced by Bobby Digital have added to the artists longevity in the business.

Getting his start in High School, Agent Sasco, accompanied by his class mates, hit the cafeteria during lunch break where the class mates would build the riddim, and Sasco, with his clever lyrics, ‘assassinating’ his lyrical opponents, thus earning the title Assassin. He earned the attention of Dancehall veteran Sparagga Benz, and became Spragga’s protégé where he went on to impress and earn the respect of the Dancehall fraternity.

For the 9th Annual Montreal International Reggae Festival, Assassin a.k.a. Agent Sasco welcomes you to take in his performance at the Old Port. Will the artist take lyrical aim and DJ what’s on his mind?! Come out to the Festival to find out!
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