Barbadian Artist Nyron Releases Debut EP Album on July 31, 2012

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Barbadian-born singer/songwriter Nyron debuts his music to the world with his EP on July 31, 2012. Determined to give the world a sample of his sounds, the EP contains three tracks spanning three genres, and will be available digitally worldwide with distribution from FOX FUSE.

A Barbadian breeding led to a diverse musical portfolio for this budding artist, who harbors strong backgrounds in the R&B, pop and soca genres. With the goal of giving fans a solid introduction to his versatility, each song on the EP explores a different genre, and presents an artist without boundaries.

"My music speaks to life's emotions," reveals Nyron. "When I write and record my music, I must be able to take the listener on a journey. Music is the biggest tool to move people - it makes you feel happy, it makes you feel sad, and it even makes you feel angry. Music is emotions and I have a lot to share with the world."

Inking all the lyrics himself, the EP leads off with "Number," an up-tempo, tropical tune that channels the true island vibe, and would find easy ground with soca and Caribbean music fans, worldwide. "Let Me See Your Hands" is the second single, in which Nyron shows his cards as an R&B singer, and also features Barbadian hip-hop artist, Teff. Rounding out the selections for the EP is "I Can't Do It," an energetic but breezy offering that is as pop as it gets.

Nyron has emerged in the Barbados music scene in recent years, garnering radio play with previous singles, and gaining a solid fan base in his country. He was nominated for a Barbados Music Award in 2011 for Best New Artist. With a strong lineage of pop artists emerging from Barbados including megastar Rihanna, and the resulting demand for artists with his background, Nyron is bound to score with the worldwide audience and realize his dream of bringing his own Bajan brand to the international stage.
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