Konshens Demolishes Reggae Sumfest

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2012 has been a big year for hot dancehall star Konshens. The artiste delivered an electrifying performance at the just concluded 2012 edition of Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night.

This was Konshens’ fourth time performing at the world renown festival and according to the man whose hits have made girls ‘bubble’ uncontrollably all year long, his objective was to deliver a show to please his huge fan base.

He stated ‘My objective is always to just come and deliver a good show because that's what people pay their hard earned money for, they come to see me perform and I in return entertain them”.

Well, Konshens certainly lived up to expectations.

As the storm clouds hovered over the Catherine Hall for the staging of Reggae Sumfest, Konshens, who has had a prolific year on the Jamaican and international music scene, reeled out a huge chunk of hits, beginning with the hit single DO SUMIN before going into another hit single 'Gal dem a talk', which left his fans begging for more as he delivered hit after hit..

As he paced through hits one after the other, the crowd was energetic and responsive as, “The man dem a buss blank, the yute dem a medz and the females a scream and bubble non-stop”, said Konshens.

A special feature during his performance of his latest hit single Stop Sign, 20 girls came on stage to 'whine inna di rd', much to the delight of the crowd which was wrapped up in the moment.

Konshens later introduced Subkonshus artiste Darrio who ignited the crowd with his fast growing single 'School Fee'. Konshens’ brother Delus was called onstage and brought a bit of calm to the revved up audience with his soothing, acoustic track 'What tomorrow may bring', which brought a nice and easy vibe and had the crowd wrapped up in the lyrics. He was accepted by the crowd who showed their appreciation.

Konshens admits this was one of his best performances to date, and his fans have not been disappointed. Konshens is scheduled to perform in St. Croix this weekend. He will then to New York City where embark on a string of interviews which include, Vibe and and Rolling stone magazines to name a few.
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