Precision Productions Unleashes the Full Throttle Riddim for Cropover!

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Inspired by many late nights and the bottled vigor of the energy drink that saw them through, Precision Productions has created their first ever Cropover Riddim.

The Full Throttle Riddim kick starts energy levels and keeps them at a thrilling speed in each and every song, as team Precision injects a high velocity punch into the land of the lethal wuk up wine.

In the all Bajan artistic line up, Jus10 may be the youngest but exhibits his versatile abilities, as he vociferously commands all talented gyraters to show off their many skills in the animatedly written track by Peter “Wildfire” Noel, fittingly named “Work It”.

Inches then leads the Kadooment Day charge with his furiously paced “Wukkup”. Patrick “Mista Vybe” Gordon’s sizzling lyrics join the vibrant vocals to provide a powerful musical boost sure to keep the festival road fervently pulsing.

The world-renowned Queen of Barbadian soca, Alison Hinds, continues the Riddim’s blistering tempo as she tantalizes and mercilessly teases audiences alongside her equally regal partner in crime, Mr. Dale. The skilful veterans put on what can only be described as a wickedly blazing Nesta “Sekon Sta” Boxill written battle of the sexes.

As anticipation and expectations course through the land, word of the impending release has inveigled the makers of Full Throttle, the energy drink, to merge forces with Precision Productions in order to create a never-before-seen musical campaign in Barbados.

It may be their first Riddim incursion into Bajan territory but it marks the closing phase in the next volume of Precision’s global musical domination…We Muzik Vol 2 coming soon!
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