The Mango Riddim Antigua Carnival 2012

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The Mango Riddim was designed to bring people of all ages to a positive place.

It was also designed to bring people back to a age in music we often forget to acknowledge these days cause we are so caught up in crossing over and experimenting and following everybody else.

Now i'm not trying to chastise anybody crossing music over cause i do it all the time but we must know our history and be responsible when contributing music cause the next generation of talented musicians need guidance and good examples. we must remember the roots.

The guitar, the bassline, the horns, the iron and percussion's. full round bodies of musical composure's. now with that been said please pass this riddim around and have a fun and responsible carnival 2012!

The Mango Riddim - Produced By Justin "Jus Bus" Nation,Adrian 'Zag' Zagoritis & Xantone Blacq

All songs recorded at 1-link studio & chosen Sounds Studio
All vocals mixed and engineered by Cobweb & J.Omari
all songs mixed by Justin “Jus Bus” Nation
Also much much much respect to the legendary Swallow for making history once again with Ricardo Drue with their remake to his 1983 carnival hit "Party in Space" on The Mango Riddim!
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