Turban X Records on the Evening Beeze Rhythm

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Reggae singer Warren Whyte aka Turban X is working overtime to make a name for himself in the reggae music industry.

The Kingston born artist is currently enjoying a good run with his breakthrough single titled Jah Love. The single which was produced by him and released on his Circle In Circles imprint has been enjoying strong support in the New York and Tri-state area.

Turban X is currently working on a number of projects including his debut album. He is especially excited about a single that he recently recorded titled The Wicked. This song will be featured on The Evening Beeze Rhythm compilation which was produced by New York based record producer Theresa Kemp.

Some of the other artists that are featured on the Evening the Evening Beeze Rhythm are Ed Robinson, Italian reggae artist Lupa, Mikey General, Devon Jorge, Prophecy and Shana Wilson, daughter of legendary Jamaican singer the late Delroy Wilson.
In a recent interview Turban X said that he was quite pleased with the progress of his career.

“I am very happy with the way things are going right now, I am making a lot of progress with my career as I continue to work hard to build my name. Jah Love has really done a lot for me; everywhere I go people love that song. Right now I am working on several other songs and I will be releasing a number of singles throughout the rest of the year.”
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