3 Star of the Gully Squad Chooses Music Over Violence

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Though some of his lyrics may seem aggressive and even violent, 3 Star, a member of the Gully Squad, says he has chosen not to go in that direction.

Having lost his mom to cancer in December and now his baby mother, who was brutally murdered last month, 3 Star has made a new commitment to his musical career.

He recently recorded a single with Karamanti in which he speaks extensively about what he is going through and how he is coping.

Persons can listen and download the song here: http://soundcloud.com/mariajackson27/3-star-karamanti-nobody-cyaah

3 Star also wishes to make it clear that he is not involved in the internal rivalry going on with the Gully Squad.

He said that he is 100% cool with Mavado and just wants to focus on building his brand and sharing his talent with the world

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