Denyque gives "bellyfull" perfomance @ Red Bones Cafe

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Jamaican songstress, Denyque earlier promised fans a fever pitched performance at the Redbones Blues CafĂ© on August 17. She delivered that and some. Dressed in a black romper and thigh high boots, the songbird hooked and reeled in the audience with her amazing vocal range on songs such as: “Juggling Hearts”, “Hooked On Me”, “All About US” and “To Be in Love”.

Her ratings skyrocketed when she surprisingly took on Usher’s, “You Got It Bad”, attacking the lyrics with the poise and finesse of a well seasoned performer. Thus, showcasing Denyque, the artiste in full form as promised. As is common these days, she invited friends of the industry to join her on stage. First up was Delus, who immediately launched into a rendition of his hits, “Another Gal” and “What Tomorrow May Bring”, both of which resonated well with the audience.

Denyque even had a surprise for her audience, the premiered of her new video, “Supergirl”, which had the audience begging for another viewing. After a short intermission, Denyque returned to the stage in her first wardrobe change for the night. Adorned in a long white dress, the female songstress gave a spellbinding performance of “Not What I am Used To”. After which, she left the stage for her second wardrobe change. Returning in a pair of boots, the songstress cheerily gave the audience the reason for the change.

"Let me just tell you the story behind these shoes.The next artiste I'm gonna call on stage says I'm always wearing heels and mek him look short, so that's why I'm in these," she told a laughing crowd.

A signature 'Yoooooooow' was heard as Chino took to the stage. Both artistes proceeded to thrill the crowd with their hit collaboration, “Driving Me Insane”.
Chino then broke away to sing popular songs such as “From Mawning”, “Protected”
and “Rich Tomorrrow”, all of which earned mass approval from the crowd.

The songstress finally closed the set with her 2009 breakout single, “Summer Love”, leaving the audience satiated. The artiste seemed pleased with her performances as well. "I truly believe it went exactly like I wanted it to. What I set out to do was to showcase Denyque the artiste in full form, and I believe I was successful in doing so. Hopefully, I made some new fans," she said.
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