Living Legend Jimmy Cliff Counts Down to Annual Montreal International Reggae

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Giving us songs that represent the pride of Jamaica and all peoples across the Caribbean and around the world, Jimmy Cliff is a living legend whom the Montreal International Reggae Festival is proud to have on its stage.

Beginning his career at the age of 14, Cliff worked with Leslie Kong who produced the music for Cliff’s first hit single “Hurricane Hattie.” Since then, the internationally loved artist has released songs that have defined our times, our nations and our Caribbean culture. Songs such as “The Harder They Come,” “Many Rivers to Cross” and “Miss Jamaica” are stalwarts in our musical fabric.

For generations, these and the rest of Cliff’s discography have served as motivation to get through some of our tougher times. At this years’ Festival, these songs help us celebrate 50 years of Independence from Great Britain and what a party it’s going to be!

For the 9th Annual Montreal International Reggae Festival, Jimmy Cliff invites you to relive the musical memories that helped define us as a people. Make sure you’re there when he sings “The Harder They Come” and more!
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