Delly Ranx Launches New Album ‘The Next Chapter’

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Veteran Dancehall and Reggae artist Delly Ranx was in Toronto this past weekend to launch his new album, The Next Chapter. Hosted by L3 Magazine and MYC Entertainment, Delly was surrounded by fans and industry movers and shakers who were treated to an intimate and interactive listen to the new album.

The 18 track disc was well received by fans as well as media. Seasoned radio personality Ron Nelson commented on how impressed he is with Delly’s new album saying “it shows just how much Delly has grown as an artist. He performs Reggae and Dancehall. This album shows off his Reggae versatility.”

Fams who attended the launch favourited the lead single “The Next Chapter,” “One Away Soldier” as well as “Life After Lifetime” which features living legend, Bunny Rugs from Third World. So much were the songs favoured, Delly performed at the launch, even though it wasn’t planned. “The vibes were so strong tonight I had to touch the stage – my way of thanking all the people who came out” said Delly. “To see so many people support me and the album brings a joy to my heart and I’m thankful!”

In addition to Delly’s performance, Toronto’s Empress Minott, JLogix, Terminal DG and Kafinal performed as well as Bigga Boss and Frazah C-Lection spinning music.
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