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The summer of 2012 belonged to Cham and O as the Husband and Wife team laced fans with the hottest Dancehall songs to hit the airwaves.

Taking their show on the road, Cham and O performed (and are still performing) for fans around the world. How do they balance their busy careers, making new music, and family? Natasha Von Castle sat down with both Cham and O to get the answers!

What did O say when Natasha asked “Did you have a secret desire to perform with Cham?!” Read the full interview for the exclusive scoop! Being the sons of Reggae legend Jr. ‘One Blood’ Reid is not easy.

On the one hand you have some who won’t give you a chance because of a famous Father, on the other hand you have others who want to use the name to advance their own careers. Discussing this and other subjects, Tricia ‘ZJ Sparks’ Spence sits down with Wada Blood for an insightful interview; his truthful answers to this topic and more might surprise you. This is a must read!

You may have never heard of the duo Mr. and Mrs., but Dave Stewart, one half of the famed group The Eurythmics has and he’s impressed with their talent. The real life Husband and Wife take Rap with elements of Dancehall to a new level as they combine her Jamaican roots with his American roots. Marcus Weller sits down with the two and we like what we see and hear!

This month, Heike Dempster brings us the roots conscious fashions of Mamayashi; we also take a look at the film The Cool Boys which will make its debut at the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival. If you missed the Montreal International Reggae Festival we have photo highlights! We also have Music Charts, Video Charts and Ms. September who is the beautiful Desyray, photographed through the lens of our Centrefold Editor, Jerome Dupont.

Young artist features include Joggo from The Netherlands (Reggae), Tracy Cruz (Soul), Gloria RyAnn (Soul) and J-Haze (Hip Hop), and we showcase Art in the Dancehall as seen through the eyes of renowned world artist and curator, Robin Clare.
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