New Single: KC Jockey - "Y Hate Each Other"

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Jamaican-born and New York-raised R&B artist KC Jockey is no stranger to the method of using song to spread a greater message. This week, in commemoration of 9/11, KC is releasing a new track titled "Y Hate Each Other," with a hope of spreading more awareness to the world of all the unnecessary hatred and violence that has plagued our way of life.

The tragic events of 9/11 have haunted and inspired KC to write this new track in time for the 11 year anniversary.

As he imagines what the families of the victims continue to go through to this day, KC says, "NYC will never recover from this tragic incident, and we as a nation will only get stronger from our experiences. We will try to live better and do positive things and be aware of the violence and unnecessary hatred that's out there. We have to live together, so why fight."

KC has taken similar social stances in the past , with music and lyrics supporting the fight against domestic abuse of women. Being a huge fan of Jamaica's most beloved artist, and probably one of the most influential singer-songwriters to guide social change through music, Bob Marley, KC's musical approach follows many of Marley's ways in an never ending battle for change.

"They rejoice for your downfall wanna see you dead. Hidden from view my silent tears flow freely. God better anoint them before it's too late."
[Lyrics by KC Jockey from "Y Hate Each Other"]
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